Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hailey's New "Big Girl" Bike

Hailey wore sandals at first and after her first crash (she tipped over going over a bump) switched to these gym shoes. After she fell over again she ran upstairs and came down wearing this....

...knee highs and cowboy boots!

Hailey wearing her "protective gear"

Kate does a good job trying to keep up on this little ride!

Hailey Singing and Riding her Bike

Hailey's New Big Girl Bike

It cracked me up that every time Hailey passed she said, "CHEESE"!

Fourth of July

Our fourth of July was pretty rainy and wet at first. It cleared up just in time for the parade.

The girls were ready with their bags for candy, candy, candy. (Hey Jason, grab those tootsie rolls just kickin' it on the pavement...haha)

I don't know who got the brilliant idea to take a group picture but I can't believe we haven't taken one yet...we hang out enough! (duh, the camera timer really works). We were just missing Kim, Alex, Jonah and Luke!

I got you Kelli!

The fireworks John got are illegal in Utah and Idaho but not in Indiana.....SWEET and obviously loud!
Kate's second Mom!

Picking Strawberries!

We had so much fun picking strawberries in a huge stawberry field. I made freezer strawberry jam for the first time with our box full of yummy goodness!

Happy Belated Birthday Rebecca!!! Can't wait for you guys to get home!

Myrtle Beach Family Reunion!
(For Blurp Book sake I downloaded them individually instead of a slideshow, hence; the million pictures. Thanks Gio for burning them to a DVD for me!)

First of all, the girls and I had a blast! We wish John could have come and we missed him, but work was crazy so maybe next year! Also thank you Grandpa and Grandma Shill, Grandpa and Grandma Heiner, and the entire Sharp family for taking care of us and making our trip so much fun.

It was so fun to hang out with little Alessandra for the first time. Isn't she gorgeous?

Hailey and Kate were thrilled to learn they had another set of Grandparents! Great Grandpa and Grandma Shill opened up their house to us and made us feel so at home. We didn't want for any food or entertainment. Everything was taken care of! Grandma Shill makes a mean banana cream favorite! So, can we plan on visiting again???

Grandpa and Grandma Shill's beautiful home. Thanks Becca and Rachel for modeling for me!!

One of my favorite things on the trip was when Mattney played his banjo and the kids danced. Mattney also whipped out his guitar and we sang fun kids' songs. To top it off Grandpa set up his slide projector and we watched slides from way back when my John was a baby! It was so fun!

Eating yummy hush puppies, fish, and shrimp!! Hailey really bonded with Mattney on this trip. Thanks for putting up with her Mattney!

The family that had to endure endless temper tantrums in the car from the Heiner girls. Thank you driving us everywhere Sharp family!

This is one of my favorite pictures. The beach was the best part for the kids.

Yes, this picture is staged. Most of the time they were fighting but ain' it cute anyway?

Kate stole Alessandra's boppy almost the whole time. Looks like a must purchase for the next I'm not pregnant.

I finally got a picture of Lucy!

Kate learned to jump to me and Hailey started swimming on her own (with her life jacket on).

It takes a good daddy to let us leave for 10 days! Love you babe!

The Dixie Stampede was so fun. I took 3 benedryl tablets and puffed my inhaler (allergic to horses) and I was fine.