Monday, August 31, 2009

One Sweet Husband

 Did I mention that when I got home from my trip to Rexburg that this awesome NEW stroller 

this darling new bedding were waiting for me? Talk about one thoughtful guy. Seriously, my husband has awesome taste. Thank you babe, I LOVE YOU!!

Fair Oaks Cow Farm

 We decided that for John's birthday weekend we would get out of town and visit that's right..... a COW farm. Don't laugh, we had an absolute blast! We actually spent the weekend at our favorite little hotel in Lafayette that has an indoor water park and then drove 45 minutes to this huge farm filled with all kinds of activities. Not only did we go on a tour that showed us how they milked the cows, we saw an actual calf being born! The food was delicious. John especially love the havarti cheese while the girls digged the cookies and cream ice cream. Happy 28th Birthday Babe, I LOVE you!  

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ok, I was convinced pregnant women with weird cravings were just making it up. I have no room to talk now. I know this is gross but after I'm done brushing my teeth I have this strong desire to swallow my toothpaste. No, I don't crave taking the toothpaste tube and slurping it down, just what is left in my mouth after I'm done brushing. Don't worry, I never do it, but I really want to. I have resorted to mint lifesavers. I just ate an entire pack. Am I the only one that is experiencing weird pregnancy cravings?

Friday, August 21, 2009

35 Weeks and Counting

 I can't believe I am almost there! Although this pregnancy hasn't been an easy one, having a new sweet baby will make it all worth it. I have to see my doctor twice a week because of my constant blood pressure issues, but so far I have been truly blessed and everything looks fine. I'm sure when my blood pressure spikes I will either have to go on bed rest or they will have to induce me. I was induced two weeks early with Hailey and almost three weeks early with Kate because of pregnancy induced hypertension, so we will see what happens with baby number three! I'm trying to take it easy so that this baby can cook as long as possible.  I'm hoping everything will be just fine!
   My friend Kasi who is an amazing photographer took some pictures to document my growing belly. Kasi, thank you so much! They are awesome pictures other than the fact that they have me in them, ha, ha, ha. Check out Kasi's photography blog HERE


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good bye Binky

 To say that Kate loves her binky is an understatement. She will be three years old in October and has only become more obsessed with time. 
 Yes, I have cut it, she continues to suck it.  Yes, I have hid it only to search for it at 3:00 am out of pure desperation. I have tried almost every trick in the book and nothing has seemed to work.
 A friend told me to try and tie it to balloons and allow Kate to let them float up to the sky. 
So three balloons later and only minor whining here and there Kate is officially four days binky-free. 
 I'm proud of you baby girl! I hope we don't find any more binky's around the house and we'll see what happens when baby #3 has a binky! Next goal....potty training!

  One last look

Dollar store prize for giving it up
Kate is convinced Tinker Bell has it!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part 3

 I can't even begin to explain how much fun it was to see my family and be in Rexburg for three weeks! Every day was a party at Grandpa and Nana Rigby's house!  
Some of my favorite memories include:
 Swimming in the new pool Grandpa purchased, riding bikes at the church parking lot, watching Kate make lasagna with Nana, having John fly out to spend a week with us in Rexburg, going to the cabin, playmill and our favorite ice cream joint in Ashton, eating out (I especially enjoyed Sizzler and Chiz's), being at the hospital when my sister gave birth to her first baby girl Ella!!, holding Ella, watching Hailey and Kate hold Ella, going to Pocatello with John and staying and Logan and Lisa's house, eating The Popcorn Shop popcorn in Pocatello...yummy!, talking to my Grandpa Rigby and watching how much my girls loved to talk to him, seeing my cousins Rachel, Rebecca, Tara, Liza and all of their kids, poddin' peas, shucking corn, visiting with my Grandma and Grandpa Sparks, visiting with my old high school buddies Lexie and Kate at McDonald's (I can't find the picture I took of us!!!), visiting Nicole and her kids at the Americ Inn, watching my girls jump on the same tramp I jumped on when I was a kid, going to the International Fold Dance Festival,  attending Lisa's baby showers, seeing my brother Ryan (love you bro.), going to the movies and bowling at The Rex, sewing burp rags and way too many other things to mention!

Once again thank you Mom and Dad for making this trip a special one! Thank you Annie and Emily for everything you did to make my stay a pleasant one! (you guys are the best babysitters I could ask for!!)
 I just have to note that a funny thing happened at the cabin that the kids still talk about today. I was in the paddle boat with Hailey and Kate when all of a sudden Kate screams, "My Binky!" Of course she had dropped it in the water and of course I didn't have my swimming suit or life jacket on. I reached as far as I could only to have the binky drift further and further away. I wasn't going to lose our only binky so I reached a little further and with the weight of my huge belly I lost my balance and fell in. The girls were screaming, "The Binky!" and I was just trying not to lose my flip flops. After I retrieved the binky the girls were then worried about me and started crying. Getting back in the paddle boat was a challenge, and let's just say I was pretty darn sore the next day! 

Saying good bye to my sister and new  baby niece wasn't fun!

 Hailey entertaining us on her stage at Fong's