Friday, April 23, 2010

Late Post
General Conference Weekend

Thanks to the coolest and best dad in the world Hailey and Kate enjoyed a large box house, complete with t.v. and blankets. I loved every single bit of conference and feel a greater desire to be a better wife and mother. 

My little Kate has become my side kick when it comes to cooking. I think I have a chef in the making. 

The other day I stepped back and saw this.  
Three swings and three beautiful little girls.
How lucky am I?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

(POSTED BY JOHN)  "OHIO STEELIES"  This past Monday I decided to take an employee "Tiny" Tim on a little fishing trip.  Tim has also become a great friend and fishing buddy.  We headed to Steelhead Ally in Ohio just south of Lake Erie.  I had a blast and I am pretty sure Tim did too.  Now for all those haters out there, don't mock my tight waders - there is an explanation.  I "took one for the team" and turned over my comfy, baggy, Orvis waders to Tim while I rocked the spare pair.  Needless to say, they clearly didn't fit - so enjoy.

Central Basin Bait and Tackle in Vermillion, OH.  I love these little fishing stores.

First catch of the day.  We fly-fished most the time; however, we began by just floating spawn sacks down the current with a regular rod and real.  Fish on! - after landing this one, I knew it was going to be a good day.

Enjoying the River!

31" - This fish is a HOG!  Something to be proud of and Tim's first fish EVER on a fly-rod. 

Small Mouth Bass.  The steelhead spawn/run is coming to and end.  The steelhead will now run back out into Lake Erie.  One good indication that the spawn is drawing to a close is the smallmouth move in and can be caught on the river.

30" Steelhead.  Nice waders eh?  Hope I don't bust a seam.

Fish On!  - Look closely.

Tim's last catch of the day.  WOW!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dress-up with Bella

Yesterday we went to a friends house and their neighbor had a white bunny. Of course my girls just had to have one. Hailey cried for an hour wishing for a bunny and although we weren't going to budge it was hard not smile when she explained, "I'll take really good care of it." If you knew my Hailey you would understand just how well she takes care of everyone. So it isn't hard to think just how well she would take care of a bunny, unfortunately Mom and Dad won't budge on this one for multiple reasons.
John told her that if she wanted to give up Bella, then we could get a bunny.
Blinded by her obsession to get a bunny she said, "Ok, we can give Bella away."
Obviously we still have Bella and we have concluded that Bella is way more fun than a bunny.
The girls have been playing dress up with her all day.
And hey, just like John said, "You can just pretend that Bella is a bunny."

Feeding Time

Hailey has really started to bond with Lilly. She constantly wants to hold her, feed her or make her laugh. She is my "little mommy".  I'm beginning to see glimpses of Aunt Annie and her cousin Addie. Too cute.

Kate wanted in on the fun too!

Can you tell this girl is a poser? Definitely NOT camera shy. Kate on the other hand avoids pictures on all occasions, even when bribed. 

We put curlers in Hailey's hair overnight. She was so excited to take them out!