Sunday, May 25, 2008

If You Need an AWESOME Photographer....I Know a Few

On my little trip to Idaho I had one of my good friends take pictures of my girls. They are amazing!!!!!!! I added just a few to my blog (I can't even begin to add ALL of my favorites because frankly there are too many!!!!) For now you can check out her website and get an idea of just how cute the pictures turned out. click HERE. By the way, my hubby wants you to know he is ticked off.........there are so many great ones he can't choose which ones to frame and put in his office! Ha,ha. Thank you so much to a wonderful photographer and sweet friend for putting up with us!

While we were in Sun Valley my cousin (also a very gifted photographer) asked my girls to be her "models" for a project she was putting together. The pictures she took are seriously amazing too! Click HERE to check them out. You may have to scroll down a little on both websites to find their pictures. Thank you so much both of you!

In other news, I am home from my trip to Idaho! Two weeks went by fast!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hailey's Debut

During Annie's dress rehearsal Hailey shook her booty and we laughed our heads off!

Trip to Idaho...Again!
Daddy Update!

Hooray!!! We made it! Thanks to my sweet parents we were able to vacation in good old Rexburg, Idaho, our favorite getaway spot! It is always such a relief to fly into the Idaho Falls airport.

More Idaho Trip...

Thank you Grandma Heiner and Marilyn for coming all the way from Utah to visit us!! We had so much fun swimming in your pool and just being with you!!! We love you, Happy Birthday too!

Recitals, Recitals, and More Recitals

Hailey and Kate were more than excited to attend Annie's dress rehersal and dance recital. They even dressed for the occasion! As Hailey watched the girls dance on stage she kept saying, "Mommy, it's my turn next."
It was fun to see Annie's violin recital too. Way to go Annie!

Family, Food and FUN!

My obvious favorite thing about Rexburg is my family, but food comes in a close second! I have a long list of my favorite places to eat. Some of which include, Chiz's, Papa Kelsey's, The Backyard, JAMBA, Bajio, Millhollow, Hogi Yogi, Fong's, and my mom's good home cookin'!!!
By the way, the girls are obsessed with my parents' dog Bailey and her puppy Maggie.

Thank you Lisa for coming and staying with us for a couple days!!! We have had so much fun!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Look What We Found!
("Bunnies that move")

I mowed right over the top of them, thank heavens they weren't hurt! At first I thought it was mice, (yuck), turns out they are cottontail bunnies. We covered them back up and didn't touch them so the mother would have a chance to feed them.
The mother never came back (we arranged sticks over the nest that were never moved), so we thought, "Why not care for them ourselves and give them a shot if they are going to die anyway?" Although it's always better to just let them be I think watching Hailey's excitement as we helped them has made it a fun experience. It's hard not to rethink our decision. We have to stimulate them to go to the bathroom and feed them twice a day. I don't mind too much, but I'm a little bit of a germ-o-phobe and I'm scared to introduce any wierd disease (hence the latex gloves).
The cutest thing is when Hailey tells people we have bunnies.....that move!!

"Cheesy" Popcorn

Just wanted to thank Nana for the CARMEL popcorn recipe. I had never made it until just recently. Although we used to call it SNOTTY popcorn, Hailey likes to call it CHEESY popcorn, so that is our new name for it.
Here is the recipe:
In a frying pan boil for 3 minutes, constantly stirring
1 cup butter
1 1/2 cups sugar
1/2 cup Karo syrup
Pour over popcorn (not exactly non-fat, oops)

This is a random picture I took a while ago. Hailey put her glasses on her head because she wanted to look "just like my mommy."
I'm really not trying to mock, (this is the preschool Hailey will be attending in the Fall) but wouldn't you agree this is pretty funny?