Sunday, May 31, 2009

Children's Museum

 We renewed our membership to the children's museum and decided Jess, Gio and Alessandra needed to experience it. We had fun even though it was super busy.

 Hailey and Kate have been sharing a room for a while. I thought it was funny they both slept in Kate's crib the other night.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hailey's Dance Recital

 We had so much fun attending Hailey's dance recital last night. Hailey was absolutely adorable on stage and performed with so much personality. (I will post video footage later). Hailey went crazy when Daddy pulled out pink roses...she is obsessed with flowers! We love you Hailey and can't wait for all of your many dance recitals to come!

 Kate, Hailey and Gracie

 Attica and Hailey
 This was Kate's face almost the whole night. Although she wore her dance outfit, I think she knew she was not the center of attention. Next year baby girl!!!!

 Wanda brought over a pot of pink flowers for Hailey. How sweet!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Nice Weather, Finally

 Gracie, Ben, Hailey and Kate were having so much fun on the slide I just had to snap a few pictures. 

 This is totally random, but Hailey's favorite thing right now is to pretend that she is getting married. Kate wanted in on the fun so she picked out her own outfit/wedding attire too. Don't judge me because she still has a binky!


 This is beautiful little Alessandra. We are so lucky to have Jessica, Gio and Alessandra stay with us for the summer. Hailey and Kate LOVE this little girl. We are so excited to spend time with them!

Sunday Pictures

 I tried really hard to get some pictures of the girls today. Kate wasn't being very cooperative. Thanks for the dresses Nana!

 Hailey trying to make Kate smile!

Fixing Todd's Car

 Our neighbor Todd was fixing his car the other day. Kate was absolutely intrigued. She loved playing with his tools and didn't want to leave.  Thanks Todd for being patient with Kate while she dropped your ratchet set all over the pavement.