Sunday, May 29, 2011

Henefer Memorial Day Weekend 2011

Lilly Picking Up Sticks
Melanie just handed me the laptop.  It seems as though I am responsible for finishing this post as she goes to choir practice.  Friday night we decided to go to Henefer for the night.  My family owns several acres up the canyon from Henefer to East Canyon.  They have a campground where several family members park camp trailers for the summer.  This time it was just our little family and uncle Ryan.  We got there late and Lilly did not want to come inside the trailer for bed Friday night.  She could have hauled sticks around the camp all night.  She loved the swing, the "weeeee" as she called it. When we would force her into the trailer she would scream "a-side, a-side, a-side."  We took her back out a couple more times then finally she wore herself out.  With exception to some sickness at the end, the trip was a success!


Lilly and Dad

Melanie and Ryan did not show restraint in purchasing properties they probably couldn't afford.  While playing Monopoly, they demonstrated exactlywhat happened with the recent US financial crisis.  Needless to say, I picked up almost all their properties under "house rules" foreclosure.  Good for me, bad for them.  We had some good laughs and I think their strategies have changed for round #2 in the coming days.

We ended the day on a little family hike.  Hailey thought for sure she was hearing a turkey and wanted to find it.  We did hear and followed something.  I don't think it was a turkey.  It sounded somewhat like a turkey but we never caught sight of it.  We did catch a few ticks on our hike - 4 to be exact!

Lilly and Kate on the hunt
Rock Chuck Team #6
Henefer Sniper School 2011

Saturday was spent napping, playing games, and rock chuck hunting.  Ryan and I sat out on lawn chairs most the day just waiting for those little guys to poke their heads up out of their holes.  They have torn up the fields and campground.  There are holes everywhere; therefore, their little colony needed some thinning.  One of us would spot them with the binoculars while the other zeroed in on the target.  Hailey was also quite the rock chuck spotter.  She called it "Beaver Hunting." 

We loved Henefer and are looking forward to many days spent up there this summer!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Preschool Graduate

All I can say is.....too cute! She has another year of preschool after this, so I wasn't overly sentimental. Kate's singing part was the white song and I know it well so I might as well write it down for memory's sake...
W-H-I-T-E that spells white sing with me,
Milk is white and so is glue
Ghosts are white and they say blue
W-H-I-T-E that spells white sing with me
The clouds above and the snow below,
Santa's beard, ho, ho, ho.

Mrs. Gourley, her teacher, also wrote this on Kate's report card and I just have to share,
"Kate is doing really well in class. She loves to dance and sing. She has a great imagination. She always tries to make her art projects look the best and she does a great job. She has lots of friends in class. She loves fun music time because she can dance around and sing to her hearts content. She is a great entertainer."

Love you Kate!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Wheels are Off....

Well, the training wheels have been off for a while, the girls just wouldn't ride their bikes without them.
I kept wanting to put them back on (I tend to coddle), but my wise husband kept telling me they needed to learn. 
Saturday was a big day for Hailey... and for Kate. My sweet, careful Hailey rode her bike without training wheels for the first time. With her fear now conquered she rides like a pro. 
Kate was crying on the sidewalk upset that I wasn't helping her. So with Hailey riding on her own, I started helping Kate. Sure enough after a couple tries and with Kate's incessant "Mom, let go" she was instantly a skilled bike rider. 
A neighbor saw the girls and told Kate she had some old knee and elbow pads she could have. She won't ride without them, especially since they are princess and say "Believe in Your Dreams" all over them.
We had a great day and many, many popsicles.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nana's House

Can life get any better while visiting Nana and Grandpa's house over spring break???
Oh yes, three puppies better.

The girls were obsessed, I'm glad they are still alive, and even more glad we didn't leave with one.
Although they are VERY stinkin' cute.
And to amp up the fun factor Nana even filled nasal droppers with water so the girls could feed them with a "bottle".
Meet Felicia, Lyla and Miguel. (named by Hailey and Kate)
And thank you Nana and Grandpa for the best spring break ever, moose sightings and all!

 Hailey's best buddy Ella.