Monday, August 27, 2007


Five Things I was doing ten years ago

1 Turning down a date to the prom with a Senior because I wasn’t sixteen yet.
2 Having a blast dancing on a competitive dance team called Jazz Attack
3 But being severely out of the loop when it came to school activities.
4 Working at my Dad’s carpet store as toilet scrubber/janitor
5 Watching and dancing to the beginning part of Adventures in Babysitting at Lexie's house. (I can't remember Meg, was that the year?)

My to-do list today

1 Teach piano lessons
2 Read Scriptures
3 Attempt to exercise (I have lost all motivation the last couple weeks)
4 Order wheat on Emergency Essentials online with my gift certificate
5 Do something fun with my kids without getting sidetracked (Even if it means feeding the fish in our neighborhood pond some of our moldy bread. We did that the other day and the kids loved it).

Snacks I enjoy

1 Wheat Toast with butter or with peanut butter and jam
2 Adamame
3 Dried Mango’s
5 Cinnamon bears (chocolate covered are my favorite)

Songs I know the lyrics to

1 Katharine Mcphee’s Over It
2 Any Carrie Underwood song
3 Any Whitney Houston song including the Bodyguard Soundtrack and my all time Whitney fave when I was a kid (I would literally make up my own personal music video and dance) “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”
4 Songs by the group Mae
5 Any Tim McGraw or Faith Hill song

Things I would buy if I was a millionaire

1 An entire new wardrobe
2 I would hire an interior decorator to remodel and refurbish my home making sure it was baby proof!
3 Buy John a black on black corvette year 97 or higher
4 Buy a Steinway Grand piano
5 I would put money into finding a cure for cold sores

Bad Habits

1 Ignoring my kids in an attempt to organize and clean my house
2 Staying up too late
3 Eating too many sweets
4 biting my fingernails
5 I have a hard time saying No

Things I would never wear again

1 Girbaud cuffed shorts
2 half up side hair-do using a scrunci
3 multi colored bands on my braces
4 high bangs
5 short shorts

Things I like to do

1. Sing
2 Play piano (without interruptions)
3 Shop and eat out!
4 Read
5 Listen to music

Favorite toys

1. GPS in my car
2. The new baby toy our neighbor’s gave us with the dancing monkey on the top of it that keeps the kids entertained for a couple minutes.
3. My sweet iron that I got on the home shopping network a couple years ago
4. My computer so I can BLOG haha
5. My piano

People I tag

ANYONE who wants to do this!!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Clearwater Beach Vacation 2007

Just some of the things we LOVED on our dream vacation: watching Hailey and Kate experience the beach for the first time, staying in our SWEEEEET house, cooking, grilling and EATING food, watching Hailey see the "Princess Castle" and all of the princesses for the first time, watching the movie we made for Dad for his birthday, swimming in our own personal pool, swimming in the ocean, watching John and Logan dive for seashells (they both cut their feet digging for them, they jumped out of the ocean quick to avoid sharks), watching Hailey run after birds on the beach, just hanging out and spending time with the fam, eating at Frenchy's (a little dive seafood restaurant, I tried clams for the first time, yuck!), shopping at Ross with the girls, walking on the beach with John and watching Hailey and Kate play with everyone.

....Still waiting for the family pictures from my mom in the mail, sorry this isn't the end of the pictures.

Our AWESOME beach house "dream house", I had to take some pictures of it because we loved it so much. Thank you Nana and Grandpa for finding such a cool place!

This place was so perfect for people with kids. It included not just this safety fence around the pool, but baby monitors, high chairs, strollers, umbrellas, beach toys, baby walker, baby toys, washer and dryer and an extra fridge. You name it....we had it!

Hailey's "Princess Pose"

It was hilarious watching Hailey run after all the birds. I think she loved the beach more than anyone. Kate loved to eat the sand.

Thank you Mendenhall family for letting us borrow the darling princess dress!! It was perfect for the Pirate/ Princess party and Hailey couldn't get enough of it!

We had special tickets to a pirate/princess party that allowed us to stay in the park longer. During the party they had numerous places where the kids could dance and meet characters. Hailey would not take a nap but she obviously had plenty of energy to dance the night away! It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen. She really has some moves!

Hailey's Princess Castle!

After a long day at Disneyworld (10:00 am- 12:00 am, ya it felt like we had all run a marathon) let's just say were were SPENT.

On the way home Grandma gave Hailey some lipstuff to keep her occupied. She really had some fun with it!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Heiner Reunion

Wow, a ten day vacation sure goes by quickly!! I wish we were back there right now! Thanks to John and Arlene the Heiner reunion was a complete success.

Just a couple of things that I loved at the reunion include....

being with FAMILY (wahooooo!!), four wheeling rides, eating food, kid crafts, making reflector ovens, eating more food, watching movies, playing BINGO for gifts, watching John push Nick on the Gigantic swing, seeing Hailey play with her cousins, laughing as the kids pushed the button on the fish toy for the millionth time and seeing them dance to the music, watching Hailey find bugs to put in her bug catcher, watching Grandpa teach the kids how to paint, Addie playing with my hair, finding Hailey on the top bunk playing with Jane and Addie and hearing them all giggle as I walked up to spy on them, talking to my sisters in-law and mother in-law, and sitting around the campfire!!

My absolute favorite part of the trip was attending the temple with the adults. I never realized what a blessing it was to live so close to a temple!!

I'm waiting for the CD from my mom to post pics from Florida so don't get sick of looking at pictures just yet!!

Grandma made "Goo" for the kids to play with. It was a HIT!!

Playing on the top bunk!

The art class

Kate, Joy, and Miya

Each couple made a reflector oven as part of our "emergency preparedness" theme for the reunion, then each couple made a dessert to bake in our reflector ovens. Grandpa and Grandma made a delicious chicken dinner to go along with the desserts we made. The food was great!! Who would have thought a box wrapped in tin foil with hot coals could actually bake food?!

Daddy and the girls

Drew, Jordan, Jane, Addie and Hailey

Monday, August 6, 2007

Good bye for Now
Just a little post to say we are going on vacation. Yahooooo!!!! Our flight leaves at 6:00 am (yes that means we will be leaving the house at about 3:45, uggh) to take us to Salt Lake. From the 8th to the 11th we are staying at John's cabin in American Fork canyon for the Heiner family reunion. Then we fly off to Florida for a week to stay at a house by Clearwater beach for the Rigby family reunion. We can't wait to be with family! For now I better get some major packing done. Until I get some time in Florida (where we will have internet) we're saying good bye for a little while!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Bad Habit Copycat
Who do you think taught her this? Yep, John. I always catch him drinking straight out of the milk jug when he doesn't think I'm looking. Well, Hailey is proof that this bad habit still exists.

I'm just glad it wasn't completely full!