Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Couple of Funny Moments....

The other day Hailey brought John his cell phone into the bathroom which by the way is a blackberry....sometimes I forget where the talk button is! Anyway, she handed the phone to her daddy and said, "Somebody called. I got it for you." John thanked her and didn't think anything of it at the time.
Well, later that day he got a phone call from a guy from the CORPORATE OFFICE AT BREG NO LESS! The man said a little girl answered the phone when he had called earlier and the conversation went something like this....
Corporate Guy: "Hi, is your daddy there?"
Hailey: "No, he's going potty."

Today during lunch we set the table and sat down to eat dinner. Hailey looked around at the empty chairs and said, "Mommy, we need more kids and babies at this table." John and I said, "Oh, we do?" It seemed as if Hailey wanted to be taken seriously so she continued to yell, "Mom, we need more kids at this baby Kate!"

Sunday, March 16, 2008

8 Things About Hailey and Kate
(I wasn't tagged, but I decided to tag myself!)

Hailey (three years)

One: Hailey has a sensitive heart just like her mommy. Whenever she sees me cry (for whatever reason) she gives me a big hug and sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star while tickling my face giving me a kiss and telling me, "It's ok mommy...I love you."

Two: When she was little and got excited about something she used to say, "That a good DAY!" (kid talk for: that's a good idea.) She has said the phrase correctly for a while now but I kind of miss the way she used to say it. It kind of makes me sad because she is growing up too fast!

Three: Hailey has a huge desire to always do what is right. When she has made a mistake or thrown a tantrum she sits quietly, looks at me with her big puppy dog eyes and says, "I'm sorry mommy, I didn't mean to."

Four: This girl is obsessed with princesses. Hailey came up to me the other day and said, "Mommy, dance with me." I told her I'd love to, and within two seconds she pulled away and said, "I have to go, it's nine o'clock...bye." She then proceeded up the stairs and left one small thing on the stair... you guessed it....a Cinderella slipper. (seriously, should I be worried)?
Five: Hailey loves ice cream more than anything. Our favorite outing is to get a McDonald's ice cream cone at the drive thru window.

Six: Hailey had jet black hair and lots of it when she was born and retained most of it but one small circle in the back of her head.(who woulda thunk she came from a mother with the thinnest and finest hair ever!) Her dark CURLY hair has always made me melt. One thing Hailey hates more than anything is to get her hair brushed, hence the reason we use a serious detangler and only wash it every other day! Styling it is serious drama.

Seven: Hailey loves it when babysitters come over. She calls them her friends! When we are at church she seeks each of them out and wants to sit by them!

Eight: Hailey loves to push the limits of bedtime so she can stay up and "nuggie" (snuggle) with her daddy. Her words are, "But Mom, I want to stay up and watch American Idol with you."

Kate (17 months)

One: LOVES her BINKY!!! The only time she will take it out is if she is eating. Needless to say she doesn't talk, but she is definitely one smart little cookie! I love this baby girl!

Two: Kate doesn't kiss like a normal baby. Instead of offering her lips, she offers her forehead. So yes, if you ask her for a kiss she will lean her forehead toward you for a nice head smackin' kiss. I hope this habit sticks when she is dating!

Three: Kate shakes her head no to almost everything! Lately, if I ask her for a kiss she says no....and then laughs. (She doesn't even offer her forehead anymore.)

Four: She can't wait to be in nursery at church!!! We walked past the nursery room today (she has been in a few times because I am the Primary Secretary and I have to hand out class rolls) and Kate banged on the door wanting to go in! She knew the exact door! She kept trying to pull at the door handle and when we didn't go in threw a fit crying and screaming right in front of the door. In one more month she will be old enough to play with Hailey in nursery. I can't believe my two girls are close enough to be in nursery.....together!

Five: This girl loves shoes!!! I know most little toddlers like them, but Kate LOVES them (especially when they aren't her own). She puts on Hailey's cowboy boots and walks around the house for fun. Her favorite pair at the moment would have to be Hailey's Mickey Mouse crocs (thank you Heather).

Six: Folds her arms during a prayer longer than any 17 month baby I've ever seen. She loves to fold her arms and then of course claps when it is over.

Seven: Is my smallest baby to date. She weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces, but she was also almost three weeks early. She is still a small little baby with tiny chicken legs.

Eight: This girl isn't afraid of strangers. We were sitting in church today and Kate made contact with a woman in the row behind us. She reached out her arms and proceeded to snuggle, completely relaxed, with this grandmotherly woman.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Talk About Awesome Neighbors!!!!

John and I walked in our door from our date on Saturday and found two huge boxes!! I asked John if he had bought something and he said no. We found out that our neighbors had given us a brand new table and chairs from the Sur La Table....just because!!!!!! Our neighbors actually said they gave it to us because Kate loved theirs and thought she would love one of her own!We couldn't believe it!!!!! I had actually been saving up to buy a kid table for the kids, but no need now!
So thank you Mendenhall family, we love you guys! I officially owe you 10 years worth of chocolate chip cookies, although, no amount of cookies will ever pay you back!