Sunday, October 31, 2010

Miss You 

   After four years in Indiana, I have to admit I already miss it. I never thought I would say that, but I do. I have realized it is because of the amazing people I was privileged to know and become friends with. They were my family when I had none. To each of you thank you. Thank you for the millions of times you watched my kids, or made me dinner, or went to a late night movie with me, or just talked on the phone. I will miss each of you more than you know.
Some of my friends from the good old Brownsburg ward  had a fun last hurrah for me at Chili's before I left. (we missed those who couldn't be there...yes that means you Kasi, Aubrey, Tracey,Kim Flora, Roberta).  Short and sweet, I miss you all. To all my Indiana peeps I love you!

Friday, October 22, 2010

One Sweet Aunt

 Aunt Deb asked Kate what she wanted for her birthday, and this was the conversation....

Deb: "What would you like for your birthday."
Kate: "Go to all the stores and get me some cinderella shoes, and if you can't find them go to Disneyland and get them at Disneyland....they have them there, I saw them."

 I know that Deb already had a gift in mind if not already bought but sweet Aunt Deb went straight to the Disney store and bought Kate two pair of darling princess shoes! Deb told me she couldn't NOT go to the princess store after she talked to sweet Kate. You don't get any sweeter than that! Thank you Deb!

Kate's First Day of Preschool

(late post)

Kate loves preschool here in Utah! I love this little girl!

And the pouty face....

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


From the waterfalls........

To the amazing pool.......

To the awesome hotel.....

To the mouthwatering food........

To the breathtaking ocean.....

To complete and utter relaxation....

To spending time with this stud muffin.... our trip to Maui could not have been better!!!

John has told me for years that because we only had two nights in Salt Lake for our honeymoon that we needed to take a trip somewhere for a "real" honeymoon. I thought our honeymoon was awesome, but John seemed to think that our location could have been better. 
Anyhow, John called me randomly one day and told me we were going to Maui. I obviously didn't believe him, but he was serious. We were gone for 7 nights and thank heavens for my amazing mom and the Rigby family for so graciously watching all three girls for the entire trip!!!! To the Rigby family, I am forever in your debt. (thank you Annie, Emily and Lisa for the cute swimsuit cover ups!)
To my sweet husband, I appreciated this trip more six years later than I ever could have as a newlywed. 
 I love you babe. Thanks for the vacation of a lifetime.