Monday, January 21, 2008

Kate is Now Feeding Herself!!

Trying on Some Cowboy Boots

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Kate loves shoes! I usually find her in her room trying on a new pair. Her favorite are Hailey's cowboy boots. She got frustrated near the end because she knew I was there, but she does it on her own all the time because she is always wearing them!!

After a little help from mom...

A Simple, but fun Birthday Party

Once again, Hailey was spoiled with presents from everyone (thank you) and she had a blast opening them. We decided to wait until next year for a friend party simply because mom is let's just say it...lazy. We had the Mendenhall fam over for cake and ice cream and Hailey absolutely loved it!

My cake decorating skills. A chocolate cake with strawberry frosting and Hailey's polly pocket princesses as the cake toppers. Hmmm.. Next year maybe Jason could help me?

Hailey and Kate loving the new princess shoes for her birthday! Kate put them on herself!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One Special Day...
Happy Anniversary John!
Happy Birthday Hailey!
Four years ago today was the best day of my life, I was married to my best friend. I love you babe! Thanks for being the best husband and father that I could ever ask for.

Three Years Ago Today...My sweet little Hailey was born

Doodlebops Live
"We're the Doodlebops, Ya, Ya!" We had a blast going to Doodlebops live in Indianapolis for Hailey's early birthday present (one of Hailey's favorite t.v. shows). Thank you Amy for finding the tickets for us!
Hailey and Gracie

Monday, January 14, 2008

Santa Came Early at the Heiner Home

On December 19th we celebrated Christmas due to a last minute decision (and good ticket prices) to go to Utah/Idaho for Christmas.

My two happy little sweeties

Don't ask me why Hailey wanted a band aid on her face but she is happily sporting it in every Christmas picture.

Before we left to Utah/Idaho we let the girls go out for a spin. Hailey is still learning how to drive it. She went around in circles the whole time, loving every second of it.

Thank you Grandpa and Grandma Heiner!!

We flew into Salt Lake and stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Heiner for a few days before we headed to Rexburg, ID for Christmas day. Hailey lived in the playhouse when she wasn't snuggling with Grandma and Grandpa Heiner of course.

We were lucky enough to make it to the Radford family Christmas party this year. We had so much fun! It was so good to see everyone.

Ryan, Melanie, Lisa (sporting her darling new do...she cut off like 9 inches)

Kate hanging out with Grandpa

Grandma, Mom, Mike and Nancy (minus Dave, Liz broke her leg snowmobiling)

Cute little Taizee (spelling?)

Grandpa and Grandma Sparks

All I can say is, what a special experience. Thanks to Mom, we were taken on a personal tour inside the Rexburg LDS temple before the open house and the dedication.

I have to tell a special little memory while we were inside the temple. My mother posed for this picture painted by Del Parson. She is Mary, the one kneeling. Well there are several of these paintings hanging inside the temple. Hailey saw one of them and said, "Nana is talking to Jesus!"

Nana gave in and let Hailey open a couple of presents early! Lets just say the girls were spoiled this year in the Rigby home.

"Twas the Night before Christmas"
Sipping Santa's Milk

Thank you Nana and Grandpa Rigby for all the fun presents. Hailey loves her little princess castle!

Kate love the boots Nana gave Hailey.

We headed back to Utah after a wonderful time at the Rigby home. We watched Logan play basketball against University of Utah. Hailey loves seeing Logan's basketball games. She is always worried about making sure she has her ticket to get into the game! Thank you Grandpa Rigby for driving us! Thank you Greer family for letting us stay at your home!

Fun at the Smith Christmas party in Morgan, UT.
Hailey loved Mark!

We made a quick visit to the Dalby home. It was so much fun to see their new house and visit with our old friends.

Hailey and Ella were born just a couple days apart!

Jana and I go way back. Back to those days in Minnesota when our husbands were out selling and we were sick to our stomachs (pregnant). Thank you Jana for being such a sweet friend.

Kate and Arlene.

Addie, Jane and Hailey

This picture will forever remind me of Brig's little high pitched voice singing the chipmunk song. "Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for love and time for cheer, we've been good but we can't last, hurry Christmas hurry fast."

Miya and Hailey bonded near the end of the trip

Hailey's home while at the Heiner house

Jess and Gio blessed beautiful little Alessandra while we were there. We are so glad we decided to fly home!

Hailey can't get enough of little Alessandra