Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family Pictures in Alpine

Piano Recital

It is official, I have now hosted my first piano recital. It was so much fun and the kids played so well! Teaching piano has been such a good experience (not only for the extra spending money) but because I get to teach kids how to develop a talent! I am definitely not a professional concert pianist, but hopefully I can teach these students until they can out play me!

I am not a crafty person by nature so my invitations were simple (the ribbon is from Costco).

My programs were again....simple.

My cute little students!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kids say the darndest things!

So we are all laying on the couch quizzing Hailey this evening. It started with John asking that famous question - "Hailey who do you love more - Mommy or Daddy?" Hailey without hesitation said "Mommy." I was so proud.....Yea that's right John, nice try. So convinced he would get her on his side he asks...."Hailey who loves you more - Mommy or Daddy?" Without hesitation the answer came - "Mommy!" He was convinced that she was simply confused. He then asked. "Who do you like to nuggie (Snuggle) with the most - Mommy or Daddy?" Again, as expected she replied, "Mommy." John began to get frustrated and thought he might pull a fast one on me thinking the answer would always just simply be "Mommy." He then questioned her, "Hailey, who's poo stinks the most - Mommy's or Daddy's?" Without an ounce of hesitation, our sweet little Hailey said, "Daddy's!"

It's official, we've have raised a genius! We were both laying there laughing our heads off. Hailey was likewise very proud of her answers and joined in the laughter. Anyway, I thought you all might enjoy this simple moment in the Heiner home.

Sleeping Beauty

I just had to snap a quick picture of Hailey wearing her princess shoes in bed. She insists on wearing them everywhere, including during nap and bedtimes.
I always thought the whole princess thing was kind of tacky until I had little girls. Now I have to admit I LOOK for princess stuff for her because she loves it so much. Everyday I hear, "Mommy, I go see princessessesess and princess castle." She is intrigued by ANYTHING princess!! We own Little Mermaid but I feel bad I haven't even rented or bought Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella. I guess she will see them eventually and they might even be a little scary for her in some parts.
Anyhow I love that she is as girly as can be. She won't even wear pajamas if they don't look like a dress (hence the pink nightgown, we only own one and she had a breakdown when I had to wash it. I guess that goes to show you how little kids need to be happy).

Just had to show you the shot of Hailey's princess bandaid.

By the way, Kate is in love with our little pink chair too. It scared me the first time I saw her sitting in it, just as relaxed as can be because she looked too grown up!

This is just moments before Hailey threw Kate off the chair because she wanted it.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Time Out for Women

I just thought it would be fun to post some of my thoughts from Time Out for Women on Saturday because it was such a wonderful, spiritual and uplifting experience! Thank you John for watching the kids all day long and allowing me to enjoy a much needed break while sacrificing a tee time (next weekend ok?)

First of all the entire day was amazing!! The speakers included: Hilary Weeks (love her music, and I found out what a funny, cute personality she has), Jane Clayson Johnson (former co-anchor of The Early Show on CBS and network correspondent for the CBS Evening News and 48 hours, S. Michael Wilcox (institute and religion instructor (U of U), Mary Ellen Edmunds author of Love is a Verb, MEE Thinks, and You Can Never Get Enough of what you Don't Need to name a few, Sharon G. Larsen, served on the Young Women General Board and in the Young Women general presidency, and Kathleen Hinckley Barnes Walker (President Hinckley's daughter) and her husband M. Richard Walker.

I took a lot of notes but I will share just a couple things that really helped me. Jane Clayson was such a neat woman. She said that after she quit her job broadcasting for 15 some odd years to become a mother she ran into a colleague. The colleague saw her, kids hanging off her shoulders, in her "normal attire" and asked, "So what are you doing these days....JUST a mom?" She looked at him and quickly answered, "No, I am a mother." She explained that we don't give ourselves enough credit for the work that we do everyday. She told us that we should erase "I'm JUST a mom" out of our vocabulary and replace it with a confident, "I am a mother."

Mary Ellen Edmunds said that our character is shaped by what we think. She asked us, "How do we get our minds to think good things?" She gave the example that when you go to a seed store you don't buy a packet of carrots when you want corn. What do you want to have grow? If for instance you want to grow charity, you don't just say I WISH I had charity, you consciously give it a place in your heart. You watch for opportunities to practice charity.

She reminded us that, music, reading scriptures, praying and pondering are our "soul food." We need to make time for the things that feed our souls. We need time to ponder!!! She explained that Enos's father gave him "soul food" and when his soul hungered he remembered the words his father had told him.
Mary Ellen then told us to take a couple minutes and think about all the negative things we say or think about ourselves all day. She then said, "Now look at the person to your left and imagine them saying all those things straight to your face. It would be pretty harsh right? She then said, "How do you think your Heavenly Father feels about you talking to yourself so negatively?" Let virtue garnish your thoughts about YOU!!
She said that Heavenly Father hopes that His words fill our thoughts. Words like, "Fear not" and "be faithful and dilligent and I will encircle thee with the arms of my love," "I will not leave you comfortless, I will come to you."
She concluded by saying, "May our thoughts be good thoughts (because our character is shaped by what we think). Our children are always listening, Does it make you shudder to know they are listening?"
Hilary Weeks said something that I really need to improve on. She said that it is so important to stay on your knees after you pray and listen for the promptings of the spirit. The spirit will speak to you on behalf of Heavenly Father.
Sister Walker (President Hinckley's daughter) said that she is always getting asked how President Hinckley is doing. She said that he is alert and healthy. He exercises everyday. As he lifts weights counting 1-2-3-4 he says "This is terrible." hahahaha
Sister Walker said that after a special temple session with the family he said, "Of all the things in my life, the most important are the things I've done with my family."
It was such a blessing to be there, to learn, and to feel the spirit. I would recommend it to anyone! For info on the Time Our for Women schedule go to

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Opening Game Day

I hope my friends don't mind but I had to post these pictures I took for them. Could they look any cuter in their Colts gear? John, Hailey Kate and I will have to buy some shirts to be true Colts fans!

The girls decided they wanted to wear their swim suits?

We had a fun Colts game party!!!

Edwards Family Visit

It was so fun to have my friend/college roommate and her husband John and son Joshua visit us over labor day weekend. They are at medical school in Iowa. We had fun walking around downtown Indianapolis, visiting the Children's Museum and watching movies. Thanks for taking the 6 hour drive!!

Old buddies

Cute little Joshua! Hailey and Joshua got along great. They made eachother giggle almost the whole time!

Pachelbel Bedtime

John and I had to copy John's aunt and post this video to our website too because we laugh our heads off about how true to life it is!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Florida Pics...
I've been waiting for this picture to post to my blog because it reminds me of the phrase Hailey would say over and over again before, during and after we went to Disneyworld which is.....
"I go princess castle, I see Mickey Mouse, and Fireworks."

Every morning Hailey would jump on Emily and Annie and say "Wake up, Wake up!!!!"