Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kate the Ballerina

Last week Kate was kicked out of dance class (ok not literally kicked out, but the teacher asked her to leave because she was sticking her tongue out at Miss Lori and when asked to stop, refused).
I just had to report that this week during dance class she did significantly better and even got a thumbs up from her dance teacher!
I know she is a little spitfire, but she is also very sweet and loving.

How could you not love this girl?

We Have a Thumbsucker!

Birthday Girl

Here is my birthday girl through the years.

One Year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

Four Years Old

Five Years Old!!!!

It was so much fun going to Hailey's preschool with Kate and Lilly.

Hailey took care of her little sister...

...and even let her wear her special birthday hat

...and let her take part in singing time!

Thank you for the awesome Colts/Birthday party Amy!!!

Jason and Amy you spoiled Hailey rotten! Thank you, she loves ALL of her gifts.

Cute Ethan and Hailey

AND of course Happy Anniversary to the Best Husband and Daddy in the Entire World!!!

Hailey and baby Kate

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Budding Artists

"Hailey's Rainbow" 4 years old

This makes me smile.
I hope I never forget the small things my kids do that brighten my day.
Hailey could sit at her desk for hours with a plain piece of paper and a crayon and be completely content.
Let's just say I keep paper, crayons, glue, and scissors in bulk.
Yes, I get about ten (no joke) of these a day (the first handed to me at 7:00 am on my bed), but I love em all. I have a hard time throwing any of them away.
Kate enjoys rolling her artwork up like a scroll and then letting it unroll in front of me to reveal her newest piece of art.
These are just a few of my favorites for today.

"Kate's Family of H's"

In true second child behavior Kate knows how to write H's (obviously because Hailey writes them all the time)  and not K's.

Another Family of H's
By: Kate Heiner

Christmas Day
By: Hailey Heiner

The rest of the artwork was drawn by Hailey. I love this Christmas tree and the two princesses!

"Mommy and Me"
By: Hailey Heiner

Hailey said the pink princess was me and the purple one was her.

 "Lots of Stuff"
By: Hailey Heiner
(A dog, a princess, a fish, an apple, a banana, a sun, and yes her name spelled backwards)

By: Hailey Heiner

By: Hailey Heiner

"Hailey's Hand, Four Years Old"
By: Hailey Heiner

"I'm a Princess"
By: Hailey Heiner

"Mermaid Babies"
By: Hailey Heiner

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hey, Where Your Reindeer?

Our sweet Kate asked the classic question, "Hey, where your reindeer"?