Sunday, August 29, 2010

"The Hurried Child"
 I have been thinking a lot about the blessing and responsibility I have as a mother. I have been watching The Sullengers blog (you can read their story here) ever since my trip to Idaho when I learned of the tragic accident that occurred to their 18 month old baby girl Preslee. Although I don't know them,  I have been touched by the Sullenger's faith, strength and testimony of the gospel amidst such tribulation. I feel a closeness to them because I visit my parent's ward often and Ashley's father is their bishop.
 When the accident happened, our family began praying for Preslee and the Sullenger family. When Hailey prayed, she never forgot to "bless little Preslee." Even though she had never met her, she loved her and even cried because she was worried about her. To this day she continues to ask Heavenly Father to bless Preslee. When I explain to Hailey that Preslee has gone back up to her Father in Heaven she just looks at me and says, "I know mom."
I can think of no greater pain than that of losing a child. In her post today Ashley talks about a book I will read now called "The Hurried Child." Dave Elklind, the author, explains that hurried children are stressed children. He also talks about how young children tend to perceive hurrying as rejection. All of this time rushing them in EVERYTHING (get those shoes on, get in the car, brush your teeth, and HURRY!!!!) has been adding extra stress in my kids lives.
My heart goes out to the Sullenger family. I continue to pray for them. I know that they share my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and also the knowledge that families can be together forever. I only hope that I can strive each day to be a better mother to my precious girls.
I need to slow patient with them, hurry them a little less and love them a little more.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "belbeteen" (velveteen) Rabbit

Thanks to my phone camera I caught this moment today.
Kate has a new obsession...her "belbeteen" rabbit.
She asks me to read the library book several times a day.
She loves to tell me that her "belbeteen" rabbit is real.
I had so much fun with Kate today.
John worked from home and I was able to leave Lilly with him while she took her nap.
Kate and I ventured on her bike with her rabbit to the dollar store.
She picked a jump rope and a reese's peanut butter cup treat. (have I mentioned living right behind a grocery store is awesome?)
I love small mommy daughter dates.
Ahhhhh, the simple joys of life.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Big Day.....

Hailey's first day of kindergarten....sniff, sniff. 
Hailey is going to kindergarten ALL day EVERYday and I already miss her.
I've always been a little overly sentimental about things like this so I wasn't surprised when I got a little weepy when I dropped her off. (don't mock me)
She was so excited about her outfit and new backpack. 
I can't believe it, just yesterday she looked like this.....

and this...

and this....

and this...

and now she is off to her first day of kindergarten. Love you baby girl.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation-Final Part
Pool Party

The fun never ended on this trip. Right before we left my brother and sister in-law invited us over for a pool party. So much fun!!
My father-in-law has his own bees and beehives. He harvests over 200 pounds of honey a year. There is no better honey in the world!! My brother-in-law and nephew now have their own bees and beehives. We got to watch the whole process of spinning honey for ourselves. Pretty awesome. 

Hailey jumped in the pool and "went under" for the first time!!! She kept doing it over and over!!!

The new puppy Roxie!

Vacation Part III
St. George

Just a few of the highlights from St George???....swimming, boating, catching frogs, and once again boating. It was sooooo hot, but as long as we were in the water it was great. We went to the Tuacahn and saw Tarzan, and ate at our favorite restaurant The Pizza Factory. 
Thank you Grandpa and Nana Rigby, we love you!!!

Ella celebrated her first birthday!!

9 GIRLS!!!