Sunday, June 28, 2009

For Those of You Who Love Snow White

(Whistle While You Work)

I was sweeping the floor and found Kate humming the "Whistle While You Work" song and flipping her dish cloth just like Snow White. Too cute. The best part is when she wipes her nose.(Turn up the volume loud, you may not be able to hear it)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Aspen Grove 2009

 Aspen Grove is officially our new favorite family vacation spot! It is located a mile past Sundance ski resort in Utah. Thank you Arlene and John for the best family reunion ever! 
 At Aspen Grove the kids are divided into groups by age and taken by two group leaders to swim, do crafts, sing, and play games all day long! While the kids are playing, the adults have fun too! We played basketball, walleyball, paintball, ping pong, climbed a ropes course, went fishing, played cards, played with the kids, hung out while we ate candy from the candy store and did I mention that we ate......A LOT!  One night we played all sorts of games on a huge field. The kids were so fun to watch as they hopped around in the potato bag race. They also had a frontier night at the little western village where they gave the kids snow cones, and wagon rides. It was so cute because in each little western village building they offered candy, panning for gold, face painting and all sorts of other things for the kids. I couldn't find Kate for a minute and I found her inside the barber shop getting her face painted. 
 The best part of the whole trip was spending time with family! We miss everyone so much living out here in Indiana. I have to admit I had a hard time coming home after hanging out with family and being up in what I believe to be the most beautiful place on earth! 

 The kids had a blast dancing up on the pavillion stage. This is Hailey doing the robot move.

 Becca teaching Hailey a cartwheel.

 Fishing with daddy

 Hailey and Miya were inseperable!
 That's me with my big pregnant belly on the ropes course!


Hailey and Miya ready for a fun filled day with their group "The Kittens"