Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Photo Session by Mommy

One antique store, ten blankets, tons of diaper changes and four feedings later this is what we ended up with. I took the pictures and my mom did absolutely everything else. We both learned a lot, especially how to tie a stinkin' knot in the stork sling (we still didn't get exactly what we wanted). I'm an amateur but I love it, especially when I get to use my mom's camera! Thanks Dad!

 Thanks Jess for the darling outfit!!!

Talk About a "Good" Photographer
Photos by Kasi Good

 Thanks again to a sweet friend I have some darling pictures of Lilly. It took me a while to download them after a few days of severe abdominal pain and a couple of not so fun hospital visits. No worries though, everything is fine. 

Friday, September 11, 2009

Thank you Grandma Shill!!!

 I have to thank Grandma Shill for this beautiful quilt she made for Lilly. Isn't it beautiful!? She has made one for each of my girls and I absolutely love them! Thank you for the love and time you put into making these precious quilts Grandma Shill, we love you! 

First Day of Preschool for Hailey

 Thank you Grandma for getting Hailey all ready

 Grandma spoiled Hailey and Kate at the store the other day. 

Bringing Lilly Home

 It was so fun bringing Lilly home! We had to stay in the hospital a little longer than expected because of Lilly's jaundice and because the doctor found a small heart murmur. The murmur ended up being just fine and we were sent home with a bili blanket for her jaundice. Thank you Grandma Heiner for taking care of us. We couldn't have done it without you!

 Arlene made the darling polka dot blanket. Isn't it cute!?

The bili blanket!  E.T. phone home!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lilly Faith Heiner

 She is here!!! We couldn't be happier or more grateful for a healthy baby girl. And yes, you get to hear the whole story...
 Thursday I had an appointment for an ultrasound and check-up. I had been having pretty painful contractions off and on all night and I wasn't feeling well at all. I dropped the kids off at my friend's house (thank you Heather!) and met John at my appointment. Well in true "Melanie" fashion my blood pressure had sky rocketed to 160/110 and I was contracting consistently. The nurses got excited thinking they were going to get to experience a delivery in the office. Well, the doctor decided it was best to induce me because I was spilling protein in my urine and because of my elevated blood pressure. 
 We went straight to labor and delivery at 2:30 pm and we waited for a while before they even started me on oxytocin. I was having pretty consistent contractions anyway! My good friend Amy and who I teased was my "midwife" and photographer came to help me through the process and kept John in good company. Thank you Amy for being there (and for grabbing the car seat).  
After they started the oxytocin I didn't progress as fast as I thought I would. I waited until the contractions were pretty bad before I got my epidural. Once I did, I was obviously in heaven but only dilated to a three. About an hour after the epidural I started feeling serious pain and told the nurses I needed more anesthesia medicine. My epidural was wearing off!!!! They gave me more medicine but the nurse said it would take 15-20 minutes to take affect. The nurse checked me and I was complete and ready to push and the new dose of epidural medicine still hadn't kicked in!!!!  Let me just say it was the most painful delivery I have ever had. I was grateful that I only had to push three times and she was out.
 Our little Lilly Faith was born at 12:10 am on September 4th. She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces (Hailey's exact weight when she was born) and was 20 inches long. I'm so happy she is here and so grateful she is healthy!

 Our neighbor Todd told us for months that he knew Lilly was going to be born on his birthday. He guessed to the exact day when Lilly was going to be born! During my labor John kept teasing me that I had to hurry and have the baby before 12:00 on September 4th because we couldn't name our baby Todd even if it was in honor of him guessing her birthday!  
Happy Birthday Todd and Lilly!
 The girls loved seeing their new baby sister!! Hailey wanted to do it all by herself. When I called to tell her she had a new baby sister she said, "I'll be very soft to first." 

 This is my sweet mother-in-law Arlene. THANK YOU for jumping on a plane to share this special moment with us and help me with absolutely everything! Mom, we'll see you on the 14th!