Saturday, September 11, 2010

Off to Neverland!!

I cheated this year and celebrated Kate's birthday early. I figured since Indiana is the only home Kate has ever known that it was only fair to throw her a party with the friends that she has grown up with. We leave Indiana for good in five days!!!
When Kate said she wanted a Wendy and Peter Pan party I was probably more excited than she was (especially since she makes such a cute Wendy Darling).
John thought I was nuts at times because I had Peter Pan on the brain. I was constantly thinking of new things I could do to make it a fun party.  I think I have had way to much time on my hands in this apartment. But I wanted to do it for Kate. She deserved every second of preparation I put into it... and it was fun because she helped me every step of the way!!! Having Kate help me and seeing the look of excitement on her face when we talked about her party was the best part of the whole process! I love you Katie!
Can I just thank Nana Rigby right now for the absolutely "Darling" Wendy dress! She made it herself along with the amazing Tiger Lily dress!! Wow mom, you need to go into business. You made my whole party perfect, and the girls couldn't be happier!
Anyway, onto the party...
We had a blast finding hidden treasure, passing the crocodile, and walking the plank. We even made time to sprinkle fairy dust on ourselves while thinking of happy thoughts and "flying" off the bed.
Overall it was a success.
I am just going to miss all of the people in these pictures. Love you all!

The Preparation....

Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily and of course Wendy (who never looks at the camera)

The decorations....

The Cake...

The Games....

And overall the Friends...

And next year.......

You betcha............. Rapunzel party. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Girl!
Happy First Birthday Lilly

Ok, so I cheated this year and celebrated Lilly's birthday early. While we were in Idaho Lisa and I decided it would be fun for Lilly and Ella to have a joint birthday party since they are only a month and a half apart. We made birthday outfits, thanks to Nana Rigby, played with fondant and made a cupcake cake...oh, and hit a cupcake pinata thanks to Lisa. All of which we could not have done without great babysitters (thanks Annie and Emily and Nana). It was a blast!!!!
 It was a perfect 1st birthday for the girls, complete with loads of pictures.