Sunday, August 31, 2008

Clearwater Beach Florida!

Thank you Mom and Dad for everything you did to make this trip possible!! Clearwater will forever be the best vacation spot in the world for us. I don't know if we will ever top it!

Flashback picture! Who would have thought just a short time later that MY two little girls would be hugging Chip and Dale! SISTERS!!!

My favorite thing at the Animal Kingdom... Nemo the musical. Hailey and Kate loved it too! I highly recommend it for anyone!

I don't know where Hailey got the energy because it was so blasted hot but she was dancing everywhere!!! I will download video footage later...

My Mom told me Hailey had a very philosophical moment looking at the Tigers at the Animal Kingdom. Hailey said, "Tigers are all the same, but we're not..we're different."

Grandpa's little sidekick!

The best part of Disneyworld for me...eating at Cinderella's castle!!! Annie, my mom, Hailey and I all had a great experience eating delicious food and meeting all of the princesses. This is Hailey making her grand entrance into the castle!

The olympics had a huge affect on Hailey. After watching the gymnastics she grabbed her own balance beam...
Kate joined in....
And then Logan...

Going to Caladesi Island!
We saw a dolphin!

Playin' frisbee!