Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Our New Puppy Toby

When we came home from our trip to Idaho we met our new little puppy Toby. Hailey loves when we read her books and one book in particular was about a little puppy named Toby. She said it so cute that we knew exactly what the name of our next puppy would be. TOBY!!!

Hailey can't get enough of Toby. She played with him all day today.

I had to take a picture of our brand new fence!!! I can't explain how happy I am to have a fence for privacy but mostly to keep Hailey enclosed! (that is until she learns how to open the gate on the side of the house.)

I chuckled when Hailey saw Toby poop she said, "Good Job Toby!" (she has all of the potty training praise memorized).

After a brand new puppy and a brand new fence I feel ready to play outside this summer!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Goodbye Rexburg!!

Hailey loved spending time with Nana at the playground while Mom went to Pirates of the Carribean with Grandpa, Ryan, Lisa, and Emily.

Hailey went to the playground multiple times

It was so fun to visit with Barbara (John's favorite Aunt) and Ryan Winn.

Barbara said she loved feeding Kate

Hailey wanted to do everything Nana did including mowing the lawn

Hailey's favorite thing of the whole trip was jumping on the tramp!

Uncle Ryan came up from Utah to visit. He loved holding Kate and playing with Hailey. We love you Ryan!

Blowing dandilions

Every year we visit my Grandma Rigby's grave in Rexburg. It is a special moment to remember her and visit with family.

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, Emily, Annie, Ryan and Lisa! We had so much fun. We love you!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Emily's Graduation Day
May 24, 2007

We had so much fun attending Emily's Madison High School Graduation. I don't think you can deny the fact that she is gorgeous. (hey I am her sister and I am allowed to brag). We are so proud of her! It meant so much for me to be there on her special day.

The only annoying thing about the whole graduation day is that there was no parking due to construction (plus the air conditioning was broken....again). We had to park clear down past Taco Time (for you Rexburg-ites you all know where Taco Time is) and hike 5 blocks to the Hart building. It wasn't so bad other than Hailey didn't want to stay in the stroller.

Dad, Mom and Emily

The Whole Gang

Two of Emily's best friends Sarah and Rachel




Lisa was not able to attend graduation because of a college class. It was a fun moment to meet her at Craigo's for a couple post-graduation pictures and then to the Relay Station in St. Anthony for dinner.

Aunt Li Li and Hailey

Can you believe how cute the shoes are??

Hailey saw Emily getting a personal photo shoot and decided to join in. So she was striking a pose better than she ever has. Congrats to EMILY! We love you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Snow in May??
Oh ya, we're in Rexburg

I woke up to find snow in the yard. The joys of weather in Idaho.

It was fun to visit Andrea and see her new house.

Andrea and I both lived in Utah for a while and before we knew it I was moving to Indiana and she was moving to Idaho. We went from living 15 minutes apart to multiple states apart.

Hailey lays one on Logan.

We stopped at Ross (our favorite store) for a day of shopping. (they don't have Ross stores in Indiana so I made sure I enjoyed every second of it ).

Hailey didn't have trouble finding the famous Rigby candy drawer.

Lisa used to wear this polka dot skirt almost everyday when she was little. Seeing it on Hailey made me all kinds of sentimental.

What do ya know, another photo session. Can you blame us?

To finish off our eventful day we attended Annie's voice concert. Annie sang a solo and did such an awesome job. She sang "Where is Love" from Oliver. The cutest thing happened when Annie was singing another song with two other students. Hailey got worried that Annie had left her chair to go up and sing. Hailey followed Annie up to the front and hugged her leg while she sang. I'm so glad my wonder-camera-mom got the shot in time.

John, I just had to take a picture of two of our favorite little sunday school students that we used to teach. I got a little tap on the shoulder at the voice recital and turned around to see them standing there. I almost didn't recognize them they have grown up so much. Can you believe how big they are now!!