Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hailey's Dance Recital and Christmas Morning

 Can you see Hailey? (Fourth one to the right, not including the nutcracker)
 It was so fun watching Hailey dance to "Here Comes Santa Claus". She did such a good job! I will post video footage later. 

Christmas Dresses!

We gave the girls a bubbly grape drink that we call their "princess drink"

Waiting at the top of the stairs to see Christmas presents
Christmas morning

My favorite gift from my sweet husband. Yes, I am obsessed with Twilight.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rigby Family Visit

 Thank you Dad, Mom and Annie for coming to visit us! We loved having you here although it was so cold we couldn't do much! We still found things to do of course....baking sugar cookies, going to the movies, crafts, swinging, and opening Nana and Grandpa's presents early! Thank you for everything, we love you!!! We miss our sweet Emily already! Thank you Emily for all of your help over the past couple months. We love you!


Church Christmas Party

 Hailey and Kate loved Santa! Kate even jumped back on Santa's lap after everyone had a turn and got another picture!

Hailey's Preschool Christmas Party

 It was fun to see Hailey interact with her friends at preschool. We ate cookies and the kids exchanged gifts. So fun!  Hailey always talks about a little boy named Miguel. When I came to her party he was sitting right next to her.
 Then they let me take a picture......
 And then Miguel did this while they were singing their Christmas song! AHHH! Hailey's teacher said that Miguel is a ladies man to say the least.