Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny

I usually don't do this, but we were at the mall for the first time in months and the girls saw the Easter bunny. They both wanted to see him so I caved and had their picture taken too. I'm really thinking about a new scanner for Christmas, so don't judge the quality of the image. The girls do look pretty stinkin' cute. Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Hunt 

 We had an Easter egg hunt in our back yard for the first time. Pretty fun!

 I asked Kate to smile and she pulled this face!

Monday, April 6, 2009

My Own Little Corner

 I am pretty obsessed with being organized lately. Maybe I am in the early nesting stages but I seriously open a drawer or a cabinet, see a mess, get frustrated, dump it out, and organize it. My office closet has bothered me for a while now. I am kicking myself that I didn't take a BEFORE picture but to put it simply, it was messy. Just like every closet in my home there are NO shelves! I wanted something different than the same wire shelves and frankly, I am not good with a hammer and nail. If you had seen what this closet looked like before you would understand why I am ecstatic right now. I feel like I just did an extreme home makeover to my closet. 
 While I was at Target I found these amazing storage units! They are actually just plastic cubes that click together! (click here if you want to check them out) They are pretty cheap and super easy to assemble (for those of us who don't have an Ikea close this will have to do). I seriously love them and I feel like a NEW woman! It is amazing what a clean room can do. Because I don't have a craft room I thought I would put our old table and chair in the closet so that I can work on a project and shut the door to keep the kids out. 

 They work great for toys in kids closets!
 Ok, so I got a little carried away this week, but I stuck wheels on the bottom of this storage bin and Whalllaaaaah I have a perfect container for my sewing stuff to roll around on. It fits perfectly in my coat closet where I store my sewing machine!

Grandpa and Grandma Heiner Visit

  We were so lucky to have Arlene and John stay with us for a couple of days! Thank you Arlene for all of the amazing food and for making the girls so happy. Thank you John Sr. for going straight to work and making grow boxes so that we can start our little garden! We love and miss you so much!

More Nana Pictures

  Nana always brings such fun gifts!

I know....It's been a While

 Well, life has been pretty crazy around the Heiner home. I've been seriously sick for what seems like an eternity......yes, I'm PREGNANT with baby #3! I am still sick!!!!! It has been a struggle amidst the constant nausea to keep a constant update on my blog (sorry dad). 

 Thank heavens to my sweet mom for coming out to visit and take care of me AND the kids while I've been sick.  I had a miscarriage scare around 11 weeks which landed us in the emergency room and thanks to my mom we had someone to watch the kids during the drama! Although I was sicker than a DOG my mom of course cooked, cleaned and played with kids. I don't know what I would have done without her!!! Thank you Dad, Annie and Emily for sharing her with us for two whole weeks!

 Banana cream pie to name just one of Nana's specialties!

 My mom had to get a picture of the girls with their beloved Ranch dressing, a MUST HAVE in the Heiner home.
 Hailey and Nana played princesses while I slept. Nana fixed Hailey's hair and even put a little bit of make up on her. Hailey was in heaven of course!

 Thank you Nana for the awesome scooter and toys from our fun second hand store in Brownsburg! 

 We went to Lafayette to our favorite indoor waterpark/hotel. 

 Nana's cinnamon rolls.....amazing!!!

 Hailey loved the new dress Nana bought her. Can you tell?